Friday, July 27, 2012

bhivpuri waterfall near karjat - ashane

Mansoon have started and all of you might be hunting for some places to hang out oevr the weekend. I know it feels really very nice to spend some time in chilled water coming out of natures tank when it overflows. So here I am writing about "Bhivpuri Waterfalls", one of the most amazing waterfall near Mumbai oops.. aamchi mumbai :). Keep reading for more information about Bhivpuri Waterfalls which is near Karjat and Neral.

Where is Bhivpuri Waterfall
  • Bhivpuri Road is a small and very beautiful town located in Karjat Taluka which is situated near Mumbai ( Central Line ).
  • Bhivpuri Road is a railway station in between Neral and Karjat.

How to reach Bhivpuri Waterfall
  • By Train
    • Take a ticket first fukat travel karu naka. Bhivpuri road on central line, maximum 30 rs asel from dadar, second class cha, first class cha nahi :)
    • Take a down local (Karjat / Khopoli) on central line.
    • Enjoy your journey till Bhivpuri Road station and be prepared with your bags, because next station is Karjat where you need to get down.
    • Come out of Karjat station and look for auto stand at east side, its 1 min from station.
    • Ask auto wala to take you to Bhivpuri waterfall (Ashane Gaon).
  • By Road
  • Chalat
    • Iccha ahe ka jaychi...? ja mag chalat, parat alyavar mala sanga kasa gelat te mag me blog update karto.

Bhivpuri Attractions
  • Waterfall in Ashane gaon mostly famous as Bhivpuri Waterfall
  • First ever temple of Sai Baba of Shirdi
  • Hydro-electricity generator plant near Bhivpuri Dam by Tata Power.

Bhivpuri Map

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Where to stay
There are many resorts near karjat and neral. You can also find cheap cottages near around Neral and Karjat station to stay for day or two. If you are planning to stay then you can also extend your picnic to Khopoli a last station on same line, where you can find lots of nice places to visit and nice and cheap resorts for stay.

Bhivpuri Waterfall Pictures

Bhivpuri waterfall video

Monday, July 9, 2012

vangani na plots land farm house

Why vangani plots?

Are you planning to buy na plot at vangani? Keep reading our blog to read more details about vangani. Here are some reasons why you should buy na plot at vangani.

Vangani is a very beautiful place.
Vangani has a award of clean city.
vangani is situated in between sahyadri hills and beautiful ulhas river.
Sky watch center is also there at vangani.
You can find 5 beautiful waterfalls at vangani, one of the famous waterfall is "bhagirath".

So if you are planning for a cool farmhouse for chilling weekdends for you and your family then vangani is the right place.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

vangani farmhouse for picnic one day fun

1. Where is Vangani station?

Vangani is very picturesque town in maharashtra, India. Vangani is the next station on central rail way line. When you travel from Mumbai to Karjat, Vangani is like exactly in between Kalyan and Karjat. Badlapur comes before Vangani when you are traveling from mumbai to vangani via railway. If you are traveling from Karjat to Vangani then Shelu is the station which comes before Vangani.

2. Vangani attractions - Things to do.
Are you tired after a BIG WEEK? Then a place like vangani is the best destination for you to relax in the heart of nature. Imagine the place with beautiful nature scene with the beautiful river flowing near by. You can do lots of mind relaxation activities at this cool place, where you can easily find best farmhouse or cheap cottages. Vangani farmhouse can be a really best place for your one day picnic and fun activities. So lots of things to do at Vangani. :)

There is a famous more Nursery 10 mins from Vangani railway station. A beautiful river along the town makes it beautiful and opens up lots of agricultural business activities in this area. It will be fun to take a look at nice flowers and other stuff at more nursery.

Yes there is a waterfall too. Towards east of the rail way station there is a "Bhagirath waterfall", and this could be a very very romantic place for couples. Enjoying the rain with your love could refresh your weekend.

3. Railway localtrain map to reach Vangani.